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Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT can be used in basic Search or Advanced Search and must be capitalized. 

AND will return documents that have both terms. When no Boolean operators are present, AND is implied. 

tigers vietnam         is the same as       tigers AND vietnam

OR will return documents that have either term. 

cougars OR pumas

NOT will return documents that have the term before the NOT and lack the term following the NOT. 

jaguars NOT automobiles


Use an asterisk for truncation, quotes for phrases, and parentheses for nesting. 

jaguar* NOT (automobile* OR football OR "jet attack plane")


If you do not find what you are looking for, try these approaches:

  • change your operators (AND/NOT to decrease your results -- OR to increase)
  • change your filters 
  • change your search terms
  • change your database
  • Ask Us